Welcome to the Kitchen of the

The Celtic Caterer

  The only site 100% dedicated to the tradition of Celtic
Food of
all 8 Celtic Nations; (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Manx, Cornwall, Brittany, Galicia, and Asturias.
We here at The Celtic Caterer , are totally focused on continuing the Celtic heritage of all nations in the form of our award winning Cuisine.  Chef Eric W. McBride, a Celtic Historian himself, has researched hundreds of various and us traditional Celtic dishes and upgraded them using modern cooking techniques.  His dishes have graced the tables of Weddings, Anniversaries, St. Patrick’s day celebrations, Burns nights, Business Luncheons, Art Openings; as well as promotions for the Knights of St. Andrew, the Lakewood Library System, KGNU radio, the Colorado Scottish Rite, Elizabeth Celtic Festival, The Wiccan Witches ball, the Colorado Scottish dancers Assoc, Highland, Mosaic, Georgetown, Parkhill, and Weston Masonic Lodges, to mention a few.

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